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About Us

At Sam The Concrete Man, we believe in not only providing quality concrete services but in creating relationships with our customers that are as solid as…concrete. We bring our highly skilled concrete services to customers who are eager to renovate their outdoor living spaces into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. Here at Sam The Concrete Man, we value bringing you the best customer experience by focusing on your unique concrete visions and bringing them to life. We have helped thousands of customers by bringing our knowledge and expert advice, so they were able to achieve a fitting concrete space with ease and efficiency. From small to large jobs, we are your go-to company that can get your concrete project done.  

Our Story

Sam The Concrete Man started in 1989 with Sam Wilkins, who had a passion for providing quality work and ensuring his customers got exactly what they wanted. Now, 30+ years later, we have expanded our concrete services to communities across the US. We offer a wide selection of concrete services to meet any needs you may have, and we are always by your side during every step of the project. When we estimate your job, we leave no stone unturned and survey every square inch of the job site to provide the most accurate and transparent pricing for your job specifications. We then work with you to learn your exact needs and vision so that you’ll get the driveway, patio, or other concrete projects that exceed your expectations.  

Meet Greg & Jennifer Hershelman

Greg and Jennifer are excited to provide Fort Collins with concrete services. It’s truly a series of coincidental events that led Greg to this point. Rewinding almost ten years, he initially crossed paths with the former owner who later hired him for his previous career at SCI. In subsequent years, their paths converged again, with the owner expressing his intention to sell the business. He believed Greg was the ideal successor and worked closely with him until he was ready to take over. Nearly a year and a half after that pivotal conversation, Greg finds himself in awe of how providence has guided his journey, preparing him for the role of a business owner—a dream he has nurtured for nearly three decades. Greg’s passion for business, particularly in the realm of leadership, was nurtured from a young age. He held a strong desire to carve his path to success and, in turn, guide others towards defining their unique versions of achievement. This ambition materialized through a series of leadership roles within Discount Tire Co., where he notably became the youngest assistant manager in the Houston market at the age of 19. Subsequently, he climbed the ranks to senior assistant manager at just 21, solidifying his commitment to leadership. After an impressive 11-year tenure with Discount Tire, Greg embarked on a journey of self-discovery, trying his hand at stock trading, various odd jobs, and even a stint with a pipeline construction company. However, it wasn’t until he joined SCI that he encountered the challenges that would ultimately shape and reinforce his leadership philosophy. Here, his passion and abilities flourished as he embraced his innate care for people. Greg’s leadership ethos revolved around his genuine concern for the individuals who entrusted him with their professional growth and development, as well as those who became valued clients. He firmly believed that, regardless of the industry, success ultimately hinged on the quality of interactions between individuals, whether colleagues or clients, emphasizing the profound significance of the human element in business.

Greg hails from League City, Texas, located south of Houston and within close proximity to the Gulf, where he spent many weekends enjoying the beach. Currently residing in Colorado for the third time, he has accumulated a total of approximately 10 years in the state, with hopes of making this stay a permanent one. Greg has a wide range of interests, but his greatest passions include spending quality time with his family, embarking on adventures to various destinations, and diving into automotive projects. At the moment, he’s fully engrossed in the restoration and modification of a 1973 Camaro, where he plans to update virtually every aspect of the vehicle, leaving only the original body intact once the project is completed. 

Greg is ready to be Fort Collins’ best concrete company and will achieve this by providing top-notch customer service and concrete. He will be by your side during each step of your concrete project, so the process is effortless and efficient. Sam The Concrete Man Fort Collins is ready to serve you during your next concrete project. Stop putting off your renovation and go with a company you can trust. Schedule a free estimate with Greg today!

Concrete Services in Fort Collins, CO

Concrete is durable and long-lasting, and might be the right fit for your next home renovation. There are so many design options and Greg is here to help you decide during your free on-site estimate. We offer a variety of concrete services so we can best suit your needs.

Here are some of the services we offer to get you started on your concrete journey:

  • Concrete patios: Try a stamped concrete patio! It’s very popular and has so many design options to choose from. 
  • Concrete driveways: Concrete offers unbeatable strength and easy maintenance so you can park that RV on your driveway.
  • Concrete walkways: Design your walkway to match your home’s aesthetic!
  • Pool decks: Build or replace your pool deck with concrete and choose between different colors and styles. 

Check out our website to see even more services we offer. Need more information? Read our blogs to become more educated on concrete designs and to see images of different concrete styles. 

Fort Collins colored-stained-stamped-concrete-patio

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With so many available options we know it can be overwhelming to decide on just one, so we’re here to give you more resources. Our blog page has information on each type of concrete service and other educational material about concrete itself and its price. We’re here to give you our expert advice so you can confidently go into your next concrete project. 

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